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Professional, Effective, Friendly/Amity, Sustainable/ Endurance



HoangGia Media Group

HoangGia Media group is a professional marketing solution advisor. Also is a media business which focuses on supporting business’s economic development in general and their trademark in particular. Specially:

–  Marketing solution

–  Producing commercials

–  Organzing events

–  Producing movies and TV shows

Throughout 15 years of serving, HMG has confirmed its own trade and level/ class as a professional advisor along with the success of other big business such as: Honda, Samsung, LG, HòaPhát, Vietnam Paper Corporation (Vinapaco), Vietnam Steel Corporation (VNsteel), Habeco… HMG also has left a mark along with the success of other famous trademarks on the market nowadays such as: Hanoi Beer, LG, Honda, Watersilk, Mamamy, Clever- Up, Boganic, Cebraton, Traphaco…

In the Media- field, HMG is a reliable partner of many television stations throughout the country. Specially, HMG has been VTV’s long term partner over the past 10 years. Many HMG’s directly made products has left a big mark in the community like Camera CôngSở 2009- 2011, Chìakhóathànhcông CEO since 2005 till now.

In the field of organizing events, over 15 years of serving, HMG had successfully organized many big events which were national and international standard events such as: Spring event “honoring national culture” at Temple of Literature in 2001, Hanoi towards Seagames 22 event in 2003, Asian City Conference 2002, Vietnam Japan Music Festival 2008…..

Professional, Effective, Friendly/Amity, Sustainable/ Endurance are all the standard performance that HoangGia Media Group has always been patiently chasing in the process of serving their client.