Producing movies and TV shows

General Introduction


- Over 15 years of development, HMG is a reliable long- term partner of Vietnam Television and local stations.

- In 2005, HMG became the official partner of Vietnam Television and was the first unit beside the station in Vietnam directly producing programs for broadcast in primetime VTV.

- Economic and market solution TV shows which were produced by HMG are always associated with the Vietnam Business Community.

- TV shows were continuously broadcasted in Vietnam Television primetime such as: “Làm giàu không khó” (Enrichment is not difficult), “Chìa khóa thành công- My way” (Key to success- My way) and “Chìa khóa thành công- CEO” (Key to success- CEO)…


The story was taken in a company’s office in a big building, in a big city with diverse components such as: director, manager, assistant, sales staff, receptionist… who are from both the North and South. Stories revolved around office reality situations which were reflected through a security camera attached to a coffee machine in the company’s lobby, but none of the employees were aware of its existence. Therefore, all the characters are shown impartially without knowing about the sneaky recording and that caused laughter from the audience, including the smallest details. The show will return shortly.

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International economic integration trends with profound changes affected individuals in our society. This was when the economy market truly entered a strong developing period. Like every other developing society, the rich ones are the ones who know how to get rich in a proper way, creating long term wealth for themselves and for the society.

Lam giau khong kho show (Enrichment is not difficult show) came to people for the first time with the“Flowers blooming on trees” season,airingduring the Dog Lunar New Year (2006) on VTV1. The show was built with the purpose of supporting the community, to enrich and spread knowledge with the perspective of knowledge and professional skills which was trained by the official learning systems. Làm giàu không khó show (Enrichment is not difficult show) spread the message of “knowledge changes perception- Changing perception to change attitude- Changing attitude to change lives”.

With these advantages: wisdom and simplicity; serious and sophisticated; beautiful and attractive; the program had brought a lot of useful knowledge to the community, especially the youth who are passionate about business.


November 2006, Lam giau khong kho show (Enrichment is not difficult) appeared with a brand new look. The second version of this show was called Đường tới thành công (Way to success). The first version Làm giàu không khó (Enrichment is not difficult) was a talkshow between leading experts in the economic field about strategies, behavioral methods and business skills. The second version was more intimate, legible, exciting and attractive to the community. It targeted the main content of researching and analyzing successful factors, and learning to apply the economic strategy in real life. The show was built in the form of a gameshow.

The participating teams were business and economy students from Universities all over the country.Knowledge and lessons about success were shared from economic experts and Vietnam's top businessmen, who played the role of judges.

- Đường tới thành công (Way to success) was the harmonious combination offive factors: simplicity, đời thường, emotion, entertainment, knowledge.

- February 2007, Làm giàu không khó (Enrichment is not difficult) market solution forum, Economic Department (University of economy nowadays) under Hanoi National University prosed to collaborate to build the Market Solution degree to offer at school.

- The program ended in April 2007 with “beyond the ocean waves” gala.


Chìa khóa thành công- My way (Key to success- My way) TV show was a unique TV show about skills and abilities to successfully solve the economic relationship of each person in every business. The game consists of five rounds: Employee level, Group Leader Level, Manager Level, Director Level and CEO. The winner will get the prize of 100 million VND. 

Audiences witnessed live debates about sensitive, ironic situations in business life which were meticulously recorded.

Chìa khóa thành công (Key to success) was a simple, attractive, suitable and enjoyable show. Throughout the show, viewers would get interesting communication lessons and behavior to achieve new success in business. Conducting and persuading skills are the main “Key to success” for each person


Sharing knowledge and honoring entrepreneurs

Sharing knowledge with the community: through the participation of CEOs who were directly operating business in the role of Board of Director as well as CEO and nhóm cộng sự. The most puzzling issues of enterprises were dissected and solved. The given issues were the hottest, most popular and most realistic, which all CEOs were facing in the process of operating their business. These issues were studied, analyzed and selected carefully by a professional council who were also judges with a lot of practical experience and knowledge.

Participating in solving these issues were the top CEOs who were successfully operating their business, as well as top businessmen playing the role of members of the Board of Director to dissect, analyze and solve the problems in the show. Therefore, the show had brought to the community a lot of information, perspective, solutions and experiences of businessmen and entrepreneurs which could apply in reality.

Honoring entrepreneurs: was a serious show with a good reputation, Chìa khóa thành công- CEO 2012 (Key to success- CEO 2012) specially focused and honored images of entrepreneurs who participated in the show. Therefore, the profile was meticulously and carefully built. The Format was arranged and built for businessmen to study and perform their knowledge in the most sustainable way. Program production technique ensured the most complete picture. All of this was carefully constructed to broadcast on VTV1 and VTV4. In 2012, Vietnam Television officially assigned a task which was to produce a 3 to 5 minute trailer to introduce the show each month. Thus, image of the show would be raised in the community.

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Là phiên bản được xây dựng để đồng hành một cách thiết thực cùng các Doanh nghiệp nhỏ và vừa (SME), lực lượng chiếm tỷ trọng chính của nền kinh tế Việt Nam. Chìa Khóa Thành Công - CEO 2014 vì vậy được gọi là phiên bản CEO – SME.

CEO – SME tập trung giải quyết các xung đột về lợi ích và thái độ giữa CEO và các đối tượng liên quan (Hội đồng quản trị, nhân viên, khách hàng, gia đình, vợ con, công đoàn, chính quyền....) do sự khác biệt về hiểu biết, nhận thức, quan niệm.

CEO – SME là nơi CEO cùng các đối tượng liên quan và toàn thể xã hội sẽ có được những thông tin khách quan để tự soi chiếu vào mình. Từ đó có những điều chỉnh nhận thức, thái độ, thay đổi hành vi cho phù hợp các mối quan hệ liên quan. Qua đó giúp cho sự phát triển lành mạnh và thành công của Doanh nghiệp trong những giai đoạn tiếp theo.

CEO – SME là một Diễn đàn đa chiều, tại đó:

- CEO cùng các đối tượng liên quan (nhân viên, khách hàng, gia đình, vợ con, công đoàn, chính quyền....) tự do bộc lộ nhận thức, quan điểm, thái độ,hành vi, ứng xử của mình.

- CEO sẽ đối thoại với các nhà chuyên môn, chuyên gia cũng như các đại diện xã hội khác.

- Cộng đồng xã hội sẽ góp tiếng nói thông qua phóng sự xã hội và các mạng xã hội.

CEO – SME rộng cửa đón chào toàn thể cộng đồng không phân biệt tầng lớp, trình độ chuyên môn, không phân biệt vị trí xã hội. Các bạn có thể tham gia tại trường quay, hoặc tham gia các phóng sự xã hội của chương trình, hoặc thông qua các mạng xã hội. Đặc biệt là trên facebook: và qua website: www.