lich-su-su-kien-1 1996 – 2002

*HoangGia Media Group had the precursor as Advertising- Marketing- TAF fair center (1996) and was officially established on March, 1998 with the name of Limited Liability marketing solution and advertising Hoang Gia Company.

*Started with $2000 loaned and 5 employees, Limited Liability marketing solution and advertising Hoang Gia Company only chose to serve a number of important clients and was successfully done many lớn, high unity marketing solutions, such as: May 10- class has been confirmed (1996- 2002); Hanoi Beer- A Hanoi- culture (2000- 2008); Watersilk- feeling from a legend (2002)…, contributed in forming high class and bringing May 10, Hanoi Beer, Watersilk… becoming/ into top trades in Vietnam.


*Changed to HoangGia Marketing Solution Joint- Stock Company

*After 5 years of developing, with full services method, HoangGia had completed its functional departments such as: Design, Monitoring Production, Images techniques, Customer Services… ensuring to satisfy the full orders from designing publication, signs to producing commercial, organizing events…

*2004 is the year which marked HoangGia’s development when Honda Vietnam is officially HonagGia’s traditional client. Besides that, in these two years, HoangGia also produced other marketing solution shows for other clients such as Suriento- the familiar melody (2003), surveying and construction consultancy brand strategy for Vietnam Steel Corporation… Furthermore, HoangGia had also successfully organized great national standard events such as: Asian City Conference- CityNet (2003), “Households performing emulation civilized lifestyle and urban traffic safety welcoming Seagames 22” program…

lich-su-su-kien-2 2005 – 2006

*September 2005, Limited Liability advertising Hoang Gia Company- HoangGiaAdv and Limited Liability Hoang Gia Media Company were established. Vietnam HoangGia Media Group officially formed including HoangGia marketing solution, HoangGiaAdv, HoangGia Media.

*With the policy of socialization broadcast industry, HoangGia was the first company got chosen to work with Vietnam television station (VTV) to cooperate in producing and broadcasting television shows. On January 2006, “Làmgiàukhôngkhó?” TV show (Enrichment is not difficult) – format belongs to HoangGia Market Solution was built, produced and broadcasted on VTV1 channel and was re- broadcasted on VTV4 channel (channel for Vietnamese who lives oversea)

2006 was also the year which marked a big step in development of HoangGiaAdv in performing full designing and constructing sign board service for HEAD store system of Honda Vietnam all over the country, organizing events for Samsung Vietnam…


*Limited Liability HoangGia Media was changed to HoangGia Media Joint- stock Company which focused on developing detail industry,HoangGia had increased investment in human resources and technology.

*September 2007, HoangGia Media established ChìakhóathànhcôngGameshow- My Way version- My way to become a CEO. Chìakháothànhcông- My way was regarded as a baggage for all office workers with socializing skills in the office and in life. Chìakhóathànhcông TV show was officially on air on VTV1 which was the third TV program in Làmgiàukhôngkhó? TV series which under constructing and producing content from format to program detail.

*Step by step, HoangGiaMediahad confirmed their position as a professional in producing content.

*Also in 2007, once again HoangGia Adv’s quality and services was confirmed by being Suzuki Vietnam Ltd’s partner in desigining and decorating Suzuki’s showrooms and stores.

lich-su-su-kien-3 2008

*Marking 10 years of developtment, HoangGia was trusted by Vietnam ministry of foreign affairs and the Japanese embassy and had successfully organizied Vietnam Japan Music Festival in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which was the biggest event in 35 year of partnership between Vietnam and Japan ceremony.

*July 2008, to suit the inevitable trend of the economy and the new development strategy, HoangGia Market Solution had combined three companies to one and renamed to HoangGia Media Group Joint- stock company.

From 2009 to 2013, HoangGia Media Group have versatily and flexibly adapted to difficulty condition of economy crisis and continued to improve the quality in products and customer service.

*2009: to meet the demand and improve the quality of TV shows and more importantly to contribute to the society, HoangGia Media Group had updated Chìa khóa thành công GameShow (Key to success)- My way edition to Chìa khóa thành công (Key to success CEO). Chìa khóa thành công CEO (Key to success CEO) was created and instantly high rated in its content regarding the knowledge business and bussiness management during the economy crisis.

*2010: HoangGia had created Photocopy paper Clever Up trademark and helped Bãi Bằng paper Corporation launch this product successfully.

Also in 2010, HoangGia Media Group started to produce TV show for the first time by producing Camera Công Sở sitcom which was loved by the audience and had great review.

*2011: Honda Vietnam chose HoangGia to produce a thrity- five- minute film for their 15 year ceremony. 8600 copies of this film was given to all of Honda staffs.

Moreover, HoangGia constantly had a lot of order to make high quality TVC.

*2012: HoangGia successfully produced an introduction film for Traphaco “Traphaco- A Green Healthy Road” for the 40 year of establishing Traphaco Joint- stock Company ceremony. This film was loved by everybody.

All of the high quality TVCs were made with Traphaco products helped bring these products closer to consumers.